Samuel J. Lansberry began in the trucking industry in 1959 with one, 10 ton, two-axle dump truck. During the early years, Sam hauled coal from local strip mines to tipples for processing. As the business grew, Sam began to haul additional commodities and added tractor-trailer end dumps to the fleet. In the late 1980s, Sam saw an opportunity to diversify his service offerings and added pneumatic tank trailers to the fleet. Finally, the late 1990s saw the addition of tri-axles to the fleet. This rounded out our service offering to our dry-bulk customers by giving us the ability to offer short, medium, and long-haul dry-bulk transportation services to our existing customer base as well as extend our services to new customers.Today, Samuel J. Lansberry, Inc. is a diversified dry-bulk transportation firm. Through our fleet of approximately 80 tractor-trailers and tri-axles, we provide superior dry-bulk transportation services to customers throughout the United States and Canada.We have been successfully providing dry-bulk transportation services for over 50 years. Please call us to discuss how we can serve your dry-bulk transportation requirements.